Roxie Ray – Audio Purchase – Black Claw Dragons – SFB Publishing

"Great paranormal second chance romance. Great start to this series! A new-to-me author, I was truly impressed with the quality of the storytelling. Aside from the paranormal aspect of dragon shifters, which I adored, the story felt very genuine and I enjoyed learning about Ava and her family as well as the backstory behind Ava and Maverick’s past. This second chance romance wasn’t rushed, making it feel all that more real as the story also focused on family and coming of age for dragon shifters. The story of the Black Claw dragon clan and the Kingston family is just beginning and the intrigue has me fully invested in learning more about their world. Also a new-to-me narrator, Phoenix McKay, gave a great performance as she really captured the personalities and emotions of the characters. I loved both her mature and child voices, making it such a pleasurable listening experience." #AudiobookObsession - Audible Reviewer

Mav disappeared before I could ever tell him about the child I carried. I’ve had years to get over him, and I’ve tried. But the second I see him again my heart lurches and it’s like all that time evaporates. I still burn for him, even though I know it’s a bad idea.  

I try to remind myself about the bad things: his possessiveness, his quick temper...but he’s different now. More mature. 

Protective. Settled. And hiding something. 

Something bigger than the child we share.


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